USA president Joe Biden cautions Putin not to move on of NATO region

             The US president discussed the cold War fight against Socialism.

It was a “long battle”, he said.

“Hungary, 1956, Poland, 1950, Czechoslovakia in 1968.

Soviet tanks squashed vote based uprisings however the obstruction went on until at last, in 1989, the Berlin Divider and every one of the dividers of Soviet control fell.

They fell and individuals won.

Be that as it may, the fight for a majority rule government couldn’t close. It didn’t finish up with the finish of the Virus War.

In the course of the most recent thirty years, the powers of totalitarianism have restored the whole way across the globe.

Its trademarks are recognizable ones: hatred for law and order, scorn for popularity based opportunity, disdain for reality itself.

Today, Russia has choked vote based system, and has tried to do so elsewhere.”The US president has cautioned Vladimir Putin not to continue on a “solitary inch” of NATO region.

He likewise said that “quick and rebuffing costs” are the main things that will make Moscow head in a different direction.

Every one of the majority rules systems of the world have an obligation to help Ukraine, he said.

The conflict has “proactively been an essential disappointment for Russia”, he added.

Mr Biden said that by mis-ascertaining the Ukrainian reaction, Vladimir Putin was “a sorry understudy of history”.

The intrusion of Ukraine was not the “activity of an incredible country”.

There is a “cerebrum channel leaving Russia”, he said, and “state media is all misleading publicity”.

Mr Biden additionally said he would not really accept that that customary Russian individuals upheld the conflict, saying it was “not commendable” of them.

The conflict is returning Russia to the nineteenth century, he said, and Europe must “end its reliance on Russian petroleum derivatives”.

It is “in the most obscure minutes that the best advancement occurs”, he said, summoning the fall of the Berlin Divider in 1989.

“Be not apprehensive,” he said, saying that a tyrant can never delete individuals’ longing to be free.

Of Vladimir Putin, he said: “For the good of God, this man can’t stay in power.”Speaking in Warsaw, President Biden evoked the fight among socialism and the West during the Virus War.

It was a “fight for opportunity”, he said, among “a majority rules system and despotism” and among “freedom and restraint”, between a “rules-based request” and “one represented by savage power”.

The current conflict in Ukraine won’t end rapidly, he cautioned, and said individuals need to prepare themselves for a “long battle ahead”.

“Russia has choked majority rules system,” he said.

Vladimir Putin’s case to be de-Nazifying Ukraine is “revolting”, he added.

NATO is a cautious collusion and has never looked for Russia’s downfall, he told those tuning in.

His message to individuals of Ukraine was: “We stand with you, period.”

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