Zelensky – armed guards, high security and a call from Macron

No telephones are permitted in when you meet Volodymyr Zelensky, or whatever else that could offer your area – such is the stress over him being designated by Russia.

We met him toward the beginning of today, on day 50 of the Russian intrusion. After broad security checks and a long stroll through the obscured halls of an invigorated government working in the capital, accompanied by outfitted monitors, we were driven into the president’s circumstance room.

Whenever he showed up, Zelensky was very quickly hindered by a call from the French president, Emmanuel Macron. “I’ll need to get back to you, I’m with the BBC,” he said. As per Zelensky, the two are amicable.

Associations with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden were more formal, Zelensky said, yet he was appreciative for their provisions of weapons. “They are attempting to help and are helping,” he said. “In any case, we really want it sooner, sooner and quicker.”

The most major problem Zelensky needed to talk about was European nations proceeding to pay for Russian oil, from which Russia makes billions consistently. The purchasers were “bringing in their cash off others’ blood”, he said.

Whenever the meeting was finished, Zelensky expressed gratitude toward everybody in the room, and made sense of he expected to get on. He had a great deal to do.

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